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What are GrowinBytes?

GrowinBytes inspired nibbles They are short, readable snacks to feed your creativity, fuel your curiosity and nurture your spirit of connectivity.

How to Convert Your Great Ideas into Customer Value - GrowinBytes Ed. 107

Posted by Linda Rolf on 6/18/2018

What happens when your list of great ideas keeps growing, and they never quite become the successes they could be?

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Tags: idea execution, value-effort matrix, customer value, actionable ideas

10 Ideas to Kickstart a Curious Learner Culture - GrowinBytes Ed. 106

Posted by Linda Rolf on 5/29/2018

When I was kid, my mother told me it was rude to read my book at the breakfast table. Even to a 7-year-old that seemed like some lopsided logic. My father was sitting across from me comfortably buried in his morning newspaper. With my treasured Nancy Drew book unjustly banished from the table, I resigned myself to reading the ingredients on the cereal box. For some reason, that form of table reading was acceptable breakfast-time learning.

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Tags: expert generalist, reading, learning, curiosity culture

Solve Billion Person Problems Like Google - GrowinBytes Ed. 105

Posted by Linda Rolf on 5/1/2018

I was browsing Amazon Prime Reading recently and discovered James Altucher's Reinvent Yourself. This eclectic collection of insights and wisdom from Altucher's podcast interviews become book #33 on my 2018 reading list.

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Tags: innovation, customer engagement, growth strategy

How a Simple Solution Created New Customers - GrowinBytes Ed. 104

Posted by Linda Rolf on 4/9/2018

"What do our customers expect from us?" is a really basic question. During our first it's-time-for-a-change think session at Quest Mobility Solutions, this question was asked early and revisited often.

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Tags: customer experience, marketing strategy

Are You Innovating or Trying to Build a Better Past? - GrowinBytes Ed. 103

Posted by Linda Rolf on 4/3/2018

Two of the biggest challenges mature companies face today are:

1) the acceptance that innovation is essential to remaining relevant and
2) how to become innovative

There's comfort and even a certain smugness that comes with retelling the story of our company's heroic journey. After all, we've earned a moment of self-congratulation for making it this far. Just showing up every day committed to growing, leading and inspiring isn't easy. In fact, some days it feels downright impossible.

But here's the reality ---

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Tags: innovation, growth strategy, Bill Gates, Microsoft, Steve Jobs

The Purpose of Business is to Create a Customer - GrowinBytes Ed. 102

Posted by Linda Rolf on 3/22/2018

One of my favorite phrases is "we've always done it this way." Why? Because it simply begs for "why?" With that single word, the doors to unimagined growth and innovation opportunities fly open.

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Tags: growth strategy, innovation, Peter Drucker, Microsoft, Satya Nadella

Celebrate the Successes of Others - GrowinBytes Ed.101

Posted by Linda Rolf on 3/19/2018

What are GrowinBytes? They are short, readable snacks to feed your creativity, curiosity and spirit of connectivity.

Even if you have never hammered a nail, you no doubt recognize the familiar orange Home Depot beacon in your neighborhood. I have two confessions.

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Tags: leadership, customer experience, employee recognition

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