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Innovative Strategies for Business Growth

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Keeping Up Can Seem Overwhelming Sometimes

Have you have ever had that nagging "Are we staying on top of the latest marketing and technology trends" thought? If so, you're far from being alone.

The good news is the opportunities to engage with customers and prospects have never been more abundant. With this seemingly all-you-can-eat buffet of connection channels comes a very real sense that we need to be consuming more. And this is where our anxiety really kicks in. Surely everyone else has figured it out, and we're still back in the Dark Ages with no clue where to begin. It's a story we tell ourselves too often.

There is no shortage of tools, technologies, best practices, expert advice and stats to help in the strategy growth journey. We have invested more hours than we can even count into researching, reading and digesting all of this information. Our aha moment came when we realized that what was missing was an actionable roadmap.

We've dedicated more than a quarter of a century to creating and executing business-centric technology solutions for our clients. Why not apply our familiar software development methodology to solve the "how" dilemma? With that starting point, we created the Value-Driven Solutions model for strategic growth.

What Is The Value-Driven Solutions Approach?

Very simply Value-Driven Solutions is a lean, iterative approach to delivering products and services by continuously learning who our customers are and what they value.

This adaptive business approach of strategy-to-execution is based on well-established business models. The Lean Startup model in the technology space was inspired by the Toyota Production System.

Creating the Valued Customer Experience

What Do Customers Expect Today?

  • A personalized experience
  • Anticipating their needs before they arise
  • Trusted collaborative relationships

  • 90% of business buyers use search for their business purchases and do, on average, 12 searches before they reach the company's website.
    It's all about connecting with today's informed customer.

    The way we attract, engage with and deliver value to our customers has changed. By now it's no surprise that our customers are better informed than they were just a few years ago. Our relationship begins at a much different place in their buyer's journey, and their need-to- know mindset continues throughout our relationship.

    With ready access to information --- some more reliable than others--- our customers set their expectations about our product, services and overall commitment to their day-to-day relationship with us. How customers are treated by other companies, even those totally unrelated to us, sets a standard for service that we inherit. Meeting customer expectations is no longer just an empty marketing phrase that we can casually toss around. Today we have to consistently and honestly deliver on that promise.

    Who are these informed buyers, prospects and loyal customers? Where do they connect with us? What do they want and need from us? The questions can seem endless. A Google-Millward Brown study found that 90% of business buyers use search for their business purchases and do, on average, 12 searches before they reach the company's own site.

    The good news is we have access to more real-time data about our coveted prospects and clients than ever before. Equipped with the right tools and an agile process, we can create meaningful connections where, when and why they occur.

    Getting Started With the Value-Driven Solutions Approach

    How Does This Approach Deliver Better Customer Experience?

  • Supports an agile, iterative process for quickly delivering new products and services that return real customer insight
  • Encourages a consistent focus throughout the organization based on shared assumptions
  • Sets goals and realistic expectations at each stage of the process
  • Supports a measure and manage mindset
  • Ensures consistency with each incremental project
  • Eliminates biases more quickly


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