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Content Marketing Strategy Guide

Back when we jumped into our content marketing journey, we knew some basic truths about the importance of content.

Among them –

1.Consistently creating and delivering useful content to our clients was a key component of our customer engagement strategy.

2.Gaining traction was going to take time. Patience and focus had to be high on the list.

3.The best plans and ideas were no guarantee of success.

4.We had a lot to learn.

We set off in our usual curious learner fashion. We quickly found ourselves buried in too much information and not enough organization. The more we learned the more apparent it became that we were stuck in endless loops. There was very little in the way of actual content being produced.

What we were struggling to uncover was very simply "How do we get started with content marketing in an organized, productive way?".

If we were searching for a starting point, we had no doubt that we were far from alone.

Sharing What We've Learned (and Are Still Learning)

To help our clients create manageable, successful content strategies, we're continuously gathering our own templates, notes and how-to docs into a series of step-by-step guides to share with them --- and you. Some may not apply to your organization and that's okay. You will likely discover steps along the way that should be included. By all means, makes these how-to guides your own.

If you're just beginning your content strategy journey, have tried and been less than satisfied with the results, are a content marketing pro or somewhere in between, we hope you will find some of these tools, templates and tips helpful.

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