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Managed Services for Companies in the Cloud

If you have ever been frustrated by a managed services provider, you're not alone. Our own experiences with outsourced IT providers left us more than a little disappointed. We knew that an MSP could be doing so much more, and we saw an opportunity to provide the depth of managed services that we found lacking.

There was a time when offering to support internal hardware was enough to be called managed services. The MSP would monitor your internal servers, keep your desktops running, install a switch and a firewall. Check. Network done. Those days are gone.

Companies today are in a continual state of technology change to keep pace with competition and valued customer expectations. Today's managed services provider needs to have a clear understanding of your business, your industry and the environment in which you compete. There is no one size fits all technology solution. What works for you today may well be obsolete in the near future.

How We Help

  • We create the technology and business strategy big picture with you
  • We're passionate learners who continually share product and service knowledge with you
  • We'll craft the best fit technology architecture whether internal, cloud or hybrid
  • A dedicated support team for your entire technology infrastructure, not just limited internal network technology
  • We'll continually teach your internal team and share what we learn every day.

  • We Do Managed Services Differently

    On our first visit with you, we won't start by counting servers, desktops and laptops. That's the old school approach to managed services. We're going to start with business discovery. Where are you now, where are you going, what are the obstacles in the way? You get the idea.

    Using our broad technology experience we take the strategic view. We look for your growth oppportunities, and then offer the technology solutions that are most effective. We work in partnership with you to create the framework that is appropriate and flexible for the future. We will recommend only those industry-leading technology solutions that we use ourselves.

    We'll help you discover the value in your existing owned assets. Sometimes buying the newest, shiny tools and technologies aren't necessary.

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