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The Way We're Connecting Is Changing

The social media landscape has forever changed the way we meet, connect and build relationships. And yet in spite of the ease of connecting with a click or a tap, we still have the basic need to connect face-to-face. Member organizations fill this need for in-person connections.

Quwho was created by a Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Orlando to connect her club's members. Since 2004 Quwho has grown and continuously adapted to the changing needs of members and their organizations.

Organizations We Support

  • Private clubs
  • Associations
  • Professional member organizations
  • Property managers and tenants
  • Coworking communities
  • Rotary clubs
  • Any organization where people want to engage and connect

  • Quwho Is Members First. Then Backoffice.

    From our very beginning we thought first like members and not like backoffice administrators. After all we were members creating a community that would build real member value and engagement.

    The question we asked was simple --- What value-added benefits should an online community provide that would make us say "Wow. I'm glad I joined."

    We know that day-to-day member management is essential to maintaining an efficient, well-run organization. We have created a strong framework that supports and simplifies the day-to-day activities we know need to done well. We just logically put the many valued member-facing features front and center.

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    How We Connect Members

  • Member development
  • Member engagement and retention
  • Personalized member interactions
  • Member onboarding
  • Unique resource sharing
  • Member check-in
  • Event management
  • Programs and speakers
  • Dues and event payment

  • 315 E. Robinson Street
    Suite 525
    Orlando, FL 32801
    Tel: 407.843.6603

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