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Who Are the Team Members Every Successful Company Wants?

No One Thinks About Technology Except IT People

But everyone thinks about what technology does for them all day, every day.

So let's rethink the traditional IT roles. What do these invaluable team members do to make your company -- and your everyday life -- the best it can be?

A Different Way of Looking at IT Folks

  • Help Desk •• First Responder

  • Network Administrator •• Inside Caretaker

  • System Administrator•• In and Out Connector

  • Security Specialist •• Watchdog

  • Dev Ops •• Toolbox Leader

  • Developer •• Tool Builder

  • Database Administrator •• Data Guru

  • Business Impact Analyst •• Translator

  • CIO •• Bridge Builder

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    Help Desk •• First Responder

  • point of contact for hardware and network support
  • troubleshoots connectivity issues
  • manages support ticketing systems and ticket routing
  • provides level 1 and 2 service request support
  • escalates service requests

  • Network Administrator •• Inside Caretaker

  • configures physical and wireless networks for internal users
  • configures and manages firewalls
  • manages user access and identify
  • monitors network traffic and performance
  • manages hardware and deploys updates

  • System Administrator •• In and Out Connector

  • manages infrastructure resources such as servers, operating systems, and software for both internal and external users
  • configures internal and cloud servers and services
  • manages software licensing and upgrades
  • sets up hardware, software, and server resources for users

  • Security Specialist •• Watchdog

  • builds and maintains tools and technologies to protect intellectural property and data
  • helps create company risk management and mitigation strategies
  • helps create company technology policies and procedures
  • monitors internal and external infrastructure for vulnerabilities and breaches
  • conducts internal users security awareness training and education

  • Dev Ops •• Toolbox Leader

  • manages and leads web and application developer team
  • works with network and system administrators to ensure alignment between software and network infrastructure
  • works with database administrator to design, deploy, and manage databases
  • manages software updates

  • Web and Software Developer •• Tool Builder

  • designs, builds, and supports software and applications
  • works with business impact analyst to ensure alignment between business requirements and software developed
  • works with database administrator to design, implement, and manage data access

  • Database Administrator •• Data Guru

  • works with development team to design, create, and manage databases
  • ensures database integrity and security
  • manages user access and priviledges to company data
  • provides data for company decision-making

  • Business Impact Analyst •• Translator

  • speaks both technical and business languages fluently
  • unlike traditional business analyst, they have indepth technical expertise
  • communicate business requirements to technical team
  • communicate technical requirements, limitations, and concerns to company leadership
  • eliminates the gaps between technical and business capabilities

  • CIO •• Bridge Builder

  • senior technical leader in the organization
  • provides technology leadership to the rest of the C-suite
  • responsible for applying technology to implement company strategy
  • top of the reporting structure for all internal IT team members
  • company liasion for external technology vendors and service providers

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