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Thoughts on Creating Customer Value

How to Build Your Successful Content Marketing Team

Posted by Linda Rolf on 10/9/2017

Getting started with content marketing can seem like a simple matter of creating some great content, pushing it out to your target audience and waiting for the clicks / taps / applause / connections. All too often this approach is how content marketing begins. Expectations are high. The content is good.

Why are the results so disappointing?

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6 Reasons Why I Really Value Smart Customers

Posted by Linda Rolf on 10/5/2017

I was sharing with a business acquaintance recently my frustration over the lack of responsiveness from a service provider. Two of my companies had engaged this new provider after promises of spectacular service, dedicated skilled resources and just an all-around delightful experience. That's not exactly how this relationship was playing out, and I was quickly reaching the end of my patience. My friend nodded knowingly and then simply stated "The problem is you know too much. I like clients who don't know anything." And there you have it.

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(Why and) How to Create a Buyer Persona

Posted by Linda Rolf on 9/27/2017

I have to start with a confession. When we first began this "who is our customer and what are we doing for him" quest, the notion of buyer personas was met with more than a little exaggerated eye rolling. Some serious snickering was heard around the room. Who makes up stories about fictional people except preschoolers with uninhibited imaginations?

Tags: content marketing,buyer persona, buyer persona template, market segmentation, buyer segmentation

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10 Tips for Delivering a Memorable Introduction Talk

Posted by Linda Rolf on 9/26/2017

In many groups and organizations, members have the opportunity to give a short “about me” introduction. Does the thought of public speaking leave you sweating and speechless?

Don’t worry --- you’re not alone. With some preparation and a few talking points that you are passionate about, you can deliver a great introduction.

This is possibly your first opportunity to introduce yourself to the entire membership. So let’s start with the end in mind. What is the single most important thing you want your listeners to remember about you?

With this as your goal, you’re ready to begin.

Tags: public speaking, introduction speech, Rotary classification talk

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5 Reasons You Don't Want to Fire Your Outsourced IT Team Yet

Posted by Linda Rolf on 9/25/2017

If you’re a growing company where building an in-house IT staff makes financial and strategic sense, then replacing your outsourced IT team at the right time is a logical transition.

On the other hand, if you’re a growing company where having no internal or outsourced IT staff is your goal, then read on.

Tags: IT strategy, IT managed services, IT outsourcing

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How to Successfully Lose a Client in 10 Words or Less

Posted by Linda Rolf on 9/21/2017

It’s a basic business truism.  There will be those times when things just don’t go the way they should. Whether it’s a major strategic project or just one of those random unexpected annoyances, things will run off track at the most inconvenient times. When the wheels come off, we often rely on the expertise of an outside service provider to resolve the problem with us.

What happens next can strengthen a valued service provider relationship, launch a wonderful new one or bring a trusted partnership to an abrupt end.  

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