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What is Customer Acquisition Cost?

Customer acquisition cost (CAC) is the amount of money you spend on sales and marketing to acquire a subscriber.

When this sales and marketing cost is combined with your gross profit number for the same period, you can calculate an important ratio: the CAC ratio. This is a valuable metric because it puts the basic CAC cost into a longer term projection number.

Depending on how you express the ratio (we'll show you that in the calculator), it will tell you

In either case this is a key metric is measuring the profitability of your SasS business.

How to Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost and Ratio

Tips to keep in mind as you measure these costs ...

  • In the early stages of your SaaS business, it's likely that you will first acquire "friends and connected relationship" subscribers. These are the low-hanging fruit customers who will kick-start your subscriber base. This means your early numbers might be skewed since the sales and marketing expenses may not be an accurate reflection of ongoing customer acquisition costs.

  • Often the sales and marketing expenses do not occur in the same month that the new subscriber is acquired. There is typically a lag between customer awareness and purchase.

  • The more closely you track and monitor customer acquisition activities with sales, the more accurately your CAC costs and ratios will be.

  • Example ...

    Period: 8/1/2018-8/31/2018
    Monthly Subscriptions Revenue $ 600
    Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
    Data Center Expenses $ 250
    Internet Expenses $ 150
    Gross Margin $ 200
    Sales and Marketing Expenses
    Social Media Ads $ 1500
    Content Writer $ 2200
    Sales Salary $ 4500
    Total Sales and Marketing $ 8200
    Customer Acquisition Costs
    New Subscribers Acquired 50
    Cost of Customer Acquisition $ 164
    Cost Recovered in One Year 29% (Ratio 1)
    Years to Recover Expenses 3.42 years (Ratio 2)

    Simple Customer Acquisition Cost Formula Cheatsheet

    CAC = Total sales and marketing expenses for the month / Number of new subscribers acquired during the month.

    Gross margin = Monthly subscription revenue - monthly sales and marketing expenses (COGS)

    Ratio 1: How much of the month's sales and marketing expenses will be recovered in one year:

    CAC Ratio 1= (Gross margin *12) / Sales and marketing expenses

    Ratio 2: How many years it will take you to recover your initial sales and marketing investment:

    CAC Ratio 2=Sales and marketing expenses / (Gross margin *12)


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